Министерство природных
ресурсов и экологии
Российской Федерации
Югыд ва
национальный парк

Yugid-Va National Park regulations
(based on statute of the Federal State Organization "Uygid-Va National Park")

To get a permit to the National Park you must print, read and sign this document and send it to the Park’s administration.

Visitors with permits to the NP can:

  • Hike in the Park along the chosen route.
  • Use Park’s huts and other facilities for day/overnight stay
  • Use Park’s rivers for floating - rafting, kayaking etc (no motorboats are allowed!);
  • Collect berries and mushrooms in reasonable quantities (not for sale).

To ensure that Park's nature resources are not overused, the following is prohibited:

  • Camping and making camp fires outside of campgrounds provided by the Park;
  • Travel by car and park the car outside of the designated roads;
  • Cutting or breaking down trees and bushes;
  • Destroying, damaging or dirtying of nature objects, monuments of nature, history and culture, buildings, billboards and signs;
  • Leaving graffiti on stones, trees and buildings;
  • Hunting, fishing, killing and catching animals, destroying birds' nests, lairs and anthills;
  • Collecting plants and minerals without special permission;
  • Flying by and landing the helicopter without permission from the Park’s administration;
  • Any other activities potentially damaging the Park's ecosystems and deteriorating its biodiversity or natural, cultural and recreational values.

Park's rangers are authorized to perform control and enforce compliance to the Parks regulations

Within the National Park visitors must comply to the rangers’ directions. Failure to do so may result in administrative and criminal penalties.

Damage made to trees, plants, fish and animal populations of the Park is assessed on the basis of special rates determined by the Park.

The group leader is responsible for the group safety at all times when the group is on the Park's territory.

Please remember that hiking, rafting, kayaking and mountain climbing is potentially high risk activity, so all visitors are advised to purchase insurance policy against accidents. The Park does not provide insurance policies.

Forest fire prevention

  1. All visitors must:
    a. Comply with forest fire safety regulations based on Forest Fire laws;
    b. In case of forest fire immediately inform the Park administration
    Vuktyl section +7 (82146)2-47-63, 2-12-63, 2-10-57, 2-47-39, + 7 (912) 5450600,
    Inta section Инта +7 (82145)6-20-93, Pechora section +7 (82142)3-45-34 or 01;
    c. Until arrival of regular fire-fighting brigades to take measures to fight the fire themselves;
    d. To assist fire-fighting brigades.
  2. Visiting forests may be restricted of banned in case of high forest fire risk to ensure forest fire prevention according to the laws of the Russian Federation.

I have read and understand the Park regulations and safety guidelines: