23.05.2014.  Emergency training in Valdai
19.05.2014.  National Park Yugid-Va informs that Month Campaign on Protection of spring spawning fish takes place on 15 May 15 June
17.05.2014.  Photo exhibition in Pechora museum
14.05.2014.  Dear guest! Follow these simple forest fire prevention rules
10.05.2014.  In the country of clear waters
10.05.2014.  XVI Geological Conference of Komi Republic Geology and Mineral Resources of European East-North of Russia
05.05.2014.  Environmental conference for children Biodiversity of Yugid-Va National Park
24.04.2014.  Friends of the Park celebrates 20th anniversary of
26.04.2014.  Campaign against forest fires
23.04.2014.  Celebration of the Park Birthday
21.04.2014.  Water is the main element for life
18.04.2014.  Volunteer campaign 2014
13.04.2014.  Knowledge as a basis of careful attitude
09.04.2014.  1 April International Bird Day
09.04.2014.  Reciting competition celebrating local nature
22.03.2014.  Intourmarket 2014
22.03.2014.  Into the wilderness
19.03.2014.  Winter survey in the Park
19.03.2014.  Snowmobile routes in the Park
13.03.2014.  International wetlands day
10.03.2014.  International Cat Day
27.02.2014.  Annual census of wildlife in Yugid-Va National Park
27.02.2014.  International Whale day
27.02.2014.  Results of the picture competition Wildlife of protected areas
25.02.2014.  Entrance fee is established according to the new federal law
16.02.2014.  Skiing season in Yugid-Va is open!
09.02.2014.  Yugid-Va is open for collaboration!
09.02.2014.  Local traditions revived
05.02.2014.  International Day of protected areas is celebrated in the village school
02.02.2014.  Birds need you help
01.02.2014.  Explorers of reindeer meet in Murmansk
28.01.2014.  Partnership for nature protection
28.01.2014.  Results of the environmental festival Christmas tree"
26.01.2014.  New ecopaths appear in Yugid-Va National Park
22.01.2014.  The action Feed the birds! is going on
21.01.2014.  Traditional hand-made souvenirs available in the Park
25.12.2013.  They need our help!
22.12.2013.  Protecting green-haired beauty
18.12.2013.  Birds restaurants wait for rating
11.12.2013.  Local authorities support expanding the borders of the Park
06.12.2013.  Feed the birds
04.12.2013.  A tourist exhibition Northern escape was held in Syktyvkar
04.12.2013.  Yugid-Va logo and corporate style
29.11.2013.  Pechora section of the Park
25.11.2013.  Sibiriakovsky road between Europe and Asia
21.11.2013.  Yugid-Va National Park will participate in the international fair Northern holidays
20.11.2013.  National Park Yugid-Va is growing!
20.11.2013.  Three new huts for tourists are built in the Park
14.11.2013.  Movie about the Park soon on TV!
14.11.2013.  Children and the nature
14.11.2013.  National Park Yugid-Va now in social networks!
13.11.2013.  Yuigid-Va National Park participates in the nationwide environmental action Feed birds!
16.10.2013.  Farawell to cranes
16.10.2013.  Park rangers get the campsites ready for the winter
10.10.2013.  National Park emblem is approved by the National Herald's College
07.10.2013.  Tourism development
02.10.2013.  Forest is our heritage
30.09.2013.  Ecotourism in Yugid-Va National Park
30.09.2013.  Environmental action in upper reaches of Shugor river
10.09.2013.  Attention spawning-protection period started!
04.09.2013.  Numbers of visitors in Zapovedniks grow
04.09.2013.  15 September Day of Forest specialists!
28.08.2013.  Regional conference on nature protection
01.08.2013.  Workshop Tops of Russia
01.08.2013.  Young volunteers from eco camp "Vuktylets" are back home!
15.07.2013.  Blue mountains fareway
26.06.2013.  Childern ecocamp "Vuktylets" for young volunteers
17.06.2013.  Environmental event in the National Park
09.06.2013.  Children drawings for forest fires prevention
29.05.2013.  National Park Yugid-Va included in the National Tour Operators Directory
28.05.2013.  Salmon population has increased in the Southern Part of the Park
23.05.2013.  March of Parks 2013
19.05.2013.  Forest fire prevention campaign
19.05.2013.  Volunteers are welcome!
23.04.2013.  Welcome to the exhibition!
15.04.2013.  How much does Baikal cost?
14.04.2013.  Training workshop for inspectors
10.04.2013.  Workshop on eco-education
06.04.2013.  Vote for Yugid-Va!
03.04.2013.  New guidebook has been published
03.04.2013.  March of Parks 2013 emphasizes the role of protected areas for nature conservation
20.03.2013.  On 19 March 2013 Head of Vuktyl City Administration S. Derevianko and Director of National Park Yugid-Va T. Fomicheva signed an Agreement on Collaboration
19.03.2013.  Vicarial visit to Vuktyl deanry
05.02.2013.  Results of competitions announced by the Centre for Wild Nature protection within the framework of March of Parks 2012
31.01.2013.  Yugid-Va joins the Greenpeace campaign "Spring without forest fires
30.01.2013.  White-tailed eagle is chosen as the Bird of the Year in Russia
30.01.2013.  Wetlands of Yugid-Va National Park
30.01.2013.  Exhibition on the occasion of the Day of Zapovedniks and national Parks
29.01.2013.  Announcement
28.01.2013.  2013 is announced a year of the Natural Environment in Russia
24.01.2013.  We want your photo of wild reindeer in Yugid-Va national Park
17.01.2013.  Video gallery and presentations are added on the Park website
14.01.2013.  Environmental festival Christmas tree"
23.12.2012.  Save the trees
19.12.2012.  Northern escape
12.12.2012.  Make the winter a bit warmer for the birds!
19.11.2012.  Feed the birds in winter!
19.11.2012.  Training seminar for ecotourism guides
17.11.2012.  The case of four poachers
10.11.2012.  International tourist exhibition
10.11.2012.  Construction is going on
10.11.2012.  What do the park guards do?
10.11.2012.  Summary of the season-2012
24.10.2012.  Legal framework of nature management on federal protected areas
24.10.2012.  Results of the workshop "Measuring and assessing forest degradation on Protected Areas"
18.10.2012.  Pilgrimage to Podcherem river
14.10.2012.  Field season 2012. Focus on subpolar autumn
29.09.2012.  International bird watching days
26.09.2012.  Workshop "Measuring and assessing forest degradation on Protected Areas"
15.09.2012.  Attention! Month of protection of autumn-spawning fish species
29.08.2012.  Field expedition in 2012
25.08.2012.  Along the mud torrent traces
25.08.2012.  This summer two children expedition in the northern part of Yugid-Va National Park were organized
18.07.2012.  Yugid-Va 2012: children environmental and historical expedition is completedexped
10.07.2012.  Dear guests,
04.07.2012.  Summer season 2012 has started!
03.07.2012.  Children learn about local history and nature in Yugid-Va National Park
01.07.2012.  New souvenirs and postcards
27.06.2012.  Say No to forest fires!
24.06.2012.  Schoolchildren Expedition
10.06.2012.  Getting ready for your visit!
10.06.2012.  Results of the March of Parks" are published
08.06.2012.  Environmentalist Day
06.06.2012.  Primroses of the Park
02.06.2012.  Project on conservation and restoration of Wild reindeer population started in Yugid-Va National Park
30.05.2012.  Adverse effects of hovercrafts and motorboats on fish population of small and medium rivers of Yugid-Va National Park
26.05.2012.  Agreement of collaboration is signed by Yugid-Va National Park and Inta City Administration
26.05.2012.  Preparation for the republican environmental and ethnographical expedition Yugid-Va 2012
26.05.2012.  Forest fire prevention training
04.05.2012.  Yugid-Va corporate identity
04.05.2012.  A new documentary about Yugid-Va National Park
26.04.2012.  Exhibition in the Park museum
24.04.2012.  Forest survival and nature protection competition
21.04.2012.  Blue-throated robin
18.04.2012.  March of Parks 2012 started in Yugid-Va National Park
17.04.2012.  Results of winter surveys in the National Park are announced
14.04.2012.  Hiking traditions and essence
01.04.2012.  Results of the environmental action Feed the birds in winter are drawn up
17.03.2012.  1 March is a World Cats Day
16.03.2012.  Turning more international...
12.03.2012.  Winter surveys in the National Park
05.03.2012.  Exhibition Yugid-Va National Park Wildlife
01.03.2012.  22 March World Water Day
01.03.2012.  Bird of 2012 is chosen
16.02.2012.  Eco-lesson on wintering birds
12.02.2012.  Thank you sponsors!
12.02.2012.  New Year celebration
05.02.2012.  Environmental action Feed the birds in winter is going on
01.02.2012.  2 February World Weltands Day
29.01.2012.  World Cat Day is coming
28.01.2012.  Results of the contest Nature and me
26.01.2012.  Results of the environmental action Save our fir-trees
16.01.2012.  Butterflies of Yugid-Va National Park
11.01.2012.  Day of Zapovedniks and National Parks
24.12.2011.  Comport in wilderness
19.12.2011.  Keeping cultural traditions alive
18.12.2011.  Present state and development perspectives of Ural Protected Areas
15.12.2011.  Save our fir-trees
15.12.2011.  Forest rehabilitation
15.12.2011.  Forest management training
15.12.2011.  Clearing Podcherem river and its tributaries from windfalls
26.11.2011.  Feed the birds in winter!
12.11.2011.  Winter season started in the Park, first guests are children from Inta
08.11.2011.  Workshop on forest fire control on protected areas
06.11.2011.  International workshop Development of ecotourism for local communities adaptation to climate change in Altai
01.11.2011.  The Park is preparing for the 2012 tourist season. River Podcherem.
28.09.2011.  World Tourism Day!
22.09.2011.  Conference Wetlands and migratory routes in Barents and Euro-Arctic region and along the Green Belt of Fennoscandia
20.10.2008.  Competition for the friends of Yugyd va National park!
10.10.2008.  Almost 2600 people visited the territory of the park over the course of 9 months in 2008